Motorola Milestone 2 求救

Hi all. I flashed my stock 2.2 Milestone 2 to the MS2Ginger 3.0 about a month ago. Everything was working just fine. But after one to two weeks of use, some minor bugs started to trouble me. I am a Chinese user and I used Moto Smart HandWriting for Chinese input. Everytime i tap on a message box or anywhere else to input text, the screen goes blank. The machine is still responsive and I am still able to go back by pressing the back button. The only way i can input text now is to use other IMEs.

Another thing is that my physical keyboard started to get double bouncing which was initially alright after flashing the rom.

I figured that it is something related to the data/cache or something else because the phone was okay just after flashing the rom. So i booted into bootmenu and do the double wipe to clear all the setting on the phone. But when i rebooted into the system, everything was still there. Lock screen password, messages, account settings,etc. All of it was still there.

I then tried to flash the MS2Ginger again following walter's post in android development forum. Again, nothing was resetted.

I am very annoyed. Can anyone provide some advice? Thank you.