velocity hv 4.03la


好似好多bug喎, 澳洲佬鬼剎咁嘈
  I too have experienced call drop outs on the new ICS version. Didn't drop once on the old version, EVEN in my work lift and underground garage. Not a chance now.

Other problems since upgrading: - Cannot do a "voice dial" via BT headset or supplied wired headset. Worked perfect on old software. - battery life is terrible after update. Wasn't great before, but better! - Audio quality on BT headset is terrible for other party. I was asked if my head was out the window while doing 100km/h. No problems with old version.

This should have been an optional download, with the ability to roll back.

I would really like to roll back, please make the old software available until the latest bugs are ironed out?