Who is excited about Samsung Galaxy S 6?

From what I have read, the Galaxy S 6 will be an improved version of Note Edge.

This is why I am not bothered to try out the LG Flex 2.    There are better phones soon to release in a couple of weeks.  


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HTC One M9 will be out today.  It is tempting to get it but then the Galaxy S 6 Edge will be releasing next week.   It is a much better phone in every aspect.

I sold my Note Edge in January and got the Nexus 6.  Honestly the Nexus 6 is an excellent phone.  Android 5.1 is just very fast and smooth.  

My next phone will be Galaxy S 6 Edge (128GB).


Galaxy S 6 and S 6 Edge pre-orders started today and they are going very well.

One of the Broadway stores in Mong Kok received 20 pre-orders today.

They said that in Hong Kong spending $7xxx for a mobile phone is no big deal anymore.   

Looks like Samsung was right about their prices.


Obviously, no one care about Samsung at all

I feel sorry about that


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You don't care =/= no one care

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Spending 7k on a phone is no big deal but honestly it is not everyone's deal.
There are people equally happy looking into mid to low end.