Got The HTC One M9 (Gun Metal) on 2nd April 2015

After having tried the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and the Motorola Nexus 6, I thought I just get the Samsung Galaxy S 6 Edge 128GB model.  However, the Galaxy S 6 Edge 128GB will not release in Hong Kong and that was a big disappointment.  A premium phone with no external SD card support and with capacity of 32gb is a big joke.  64gb model is fine but then there was confusion on colors.   I liked the Green model but that will release a few weeks later so then I decided to wait for the Galaxy S 6 Edge (Green - 64GB) and decided to give the HTC One M9 a try.

So on 2nd April 2015 (Thursday) I bought the HTC One M9 with the HTC Dot View case (ice Premium version).  There are 2 versions of dotview case in the market.  The cheaper Premium version with the plastic back  and the slightly higher priced ice premium version with the clear back to show off your M9.

With the HTC One M9 I am using my "128gb micro SD card".   

I didn't get time to post pictures on the 2nd April as I was out of town for short vacation.   I got back today and decided to post some pictures of my new phone.  

The phone has been good so far.  It is fast and honestly it feel just like the HTC One M8 but the camera is a slight improvement but compared to the Galaxy S 6 Edge's camera tests from the stores, it is not that good.  I am hoping a software update will help this like it did with the HTC M8.

The dotview case is fun to use and I recommend it to anyone buying the HTC One M9.

The screen quality is good, just like the HTC M8 and the battery lasts the whole day without any issues.

Here are some pictures of  my HTC One M9.
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I am really enjoying this phone.  Glad I got a nice discount for it last week.




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Why Dude can always change his phone every month?
f320k 發表於 2015-4-11 17:24 [img]

the dude is a rich dude. his next target after s6 edge is g4.


Looking forward to try this.