LG L70 PHone problem

I have a LG old model phone, i used about 2 year, no any problem

But today, the screen have a speical icon everytime when I restart/switch on the phone.

1.  at the Top Left side coner,it have a icon

2   when I click into the it,it will show login to Smartone..

It strange, my home have a wifi connection already, I no idea why it ask me to login.

When I click into login smartone,it will show the browser with a IP 216.xxx.xxx/ but it is blank.

and I have restore my phone already,but still have this problem.

by the way, I am using smartone 3G SIM card.

any idea C-HING?

做trouble shooting, 同常都要問,在發現這情況之前一刻,你做了什麼?


last night didn't touch anything..just use wechat/whatspp as normal.

and I have restore my phone in afternoon,but still same..., so I don't think it relate to any apps.



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呢個icon唔係同wifi有關的…  呢個icon係同mobile network有關的…
你呢部係dual sim機…

如果你只係插左一張sim卡,咁你試下de-activate另一個sim slot...


my mobile is 1 sim card only

And if I disabled wifi functin,the icon will be disappear..

Look like it auto search out smartone WIFI and wait for login? but I scanned many time, my house don't have any smartone wifi name.

And I connect my home wifi already and still can use while have this specail notification....it is strange.


As I said, this is a cellular network symbol with a question mark, so it should
not relate with wifi issue.

Please refer to this link...  :  http://goo.gl/UurMMD

It should mean that some problem with the APN setting...


i am using smartone..maybe I Need ask Smartone?


and I checked, in apn page, nothing I can change,it will auto get smartone default setting,if I using SMT sim..



So far if you can make phone call and use mobile data without problem,
most probably the APN problem is about the MMS setting.
And if you do not use MMS, you may ignore this at the moment.

You may contact Smartone for assistance ...


look like i still can use everything,thanks