Oppo-Realmex2 Android 11 coming~!!

Just spent 10USD to unbrick my realme x2.

and then I try a second time to flash the UI2.0 (Android 11).

Now I know how to flash it and safely use it, a feeling has many big differences!!

So funny!

How to upgrade my Realme X2?


回覆 2# stanleykwok

join their QQ group was provided the V11 update files.
But it's very dangerous when flash to V11 and the mobile be brick early.

My mobile unbricks one time tru my India friend on FB, it's need at least 10USD to unbrick it.

Take care. Just to TWRP for flashing the v11 image and then turn off the ABR, then reboot.

Good luck!


回覆 1# yungjeff

Please share the "big differences".



為咗提前試新系統而俾10 USD,值得咩