Smartone releasing iPhone 3Gs on 23rd Jan 2010

Now Smartone is ready to release the iPhone 3Gs on 23rd Jan 2010.

They have not put up their service plan charges yet.  

My wife and I are going to join Smartone's service and probably both of us will get the unlimited data service.   My wife loves the iPhone and will probably get the 3Gs to replace her old iPhone 3G.

I am wondering when the SE X10 will release as it is what I am planning to get.   I may hold on for a month since I have not yet opened my Nexus One box.   So I can wait.

I just want to know for now the service plans for Smartone's iPhone 3Gs.

Does anyone know?

有無人知道佢s plan係點?


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[quote] there is no one knows the Drainage Department s plan point?
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The Smartone Sales invited me and my wife for some Launch Party on 23rd Jan 2010. What is this about? Is it just some kind of press conference?

Did any Smartone customer receive some invitation?

The sales told me that I can get the iPhone 3Gs for free if I join their unlimited contract. Just want to know the monthly charge for the unlimited data plan.


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    個invitation 係咪即係佢個sms?話有Alex 同Stephy 係沙田到有個launch party