Multi-Task 停幾秒先郁

我的 iPhone 6+ 發覺有個問題,當我按 Home 制兩次進入 Multi-Task screen 既時候,畫面會停幾秒(約三至四秒),其間畫面,按鍵係冇反應,幾秒後會回復正常。其他所有的功能一切正常,係 Multi-Task 會 Freeze. 請問有沒有朋友有相同問題? 我的 Firmware 是 8.1.2

回覆 1# philipau

Did you enable the "Show contacts in app switcher" feature and also using the junk caller program?  I had this problem before also, but after I disable the "Show contacts in app switcher" feature the problem is gone.  

For my case the phone was trying to load from the list of phone numbers from the junk callers list and therefore causing the app switcher to hang.


回覆 2# oliverwestall

Thank you very much, it works.


thanks very much, had exact same problem, very useful