At&t表示Windows 8將帶動Windows Phone銷售

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At&t CEO Ralph de la Vega在出席眾多商界高層人仕在埸, 由大摩主辦的資訊科技論壇上發言, 表示Nokia Lumia 900 4G的Windows Phone銷售遠超出預期.

並預期在第4季度推出的Windows 8作業系統, Microsoft把Windows 8上的Desktop和平板電腦, 與Windows Phone(明顯做得CEO都係冇時間打機, 所以沒提及Xbox 360)統一在同一個介面之下, 將進一步帶動Windows Phone的銷售.

在這次會議上, At&t CEO指出非常興奮看到Microsoft和Nokia首度合作的高品質手機 Windows Phone -  Nokia Lumia.
並指出Windows Phone的操作系統非常優秀, 而且使用簡易.

AT&T CEO表示Windows 8將進一步帶動Windows Phone的銷售

I am really pleased with what I am seeing out of Microsoft and Nokia coming out with their first product. The operating system works really well. It is simple, it is easy to use, it is intuitive.

The reception to the Lumia launch has actually exceeded our expectations. So we think there is a very good chance that Microsoft will have a very good OS that will be right in there with iOS and Android.

When they come out with Windows 8 in the fourth quarter, I think it will actually add to the value that that OS brings to the marketplace, in that that will be the first time that you can truly have a similar experience on your PC, on your tablet, and on your smartphone from Microsoft. From what I have seen and the previews that I have been given, I think it is going to be exceptionally good. I am very upbeat in what they are bringing to the market.