Nokia Lumia取得澳洲公司採購合約

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Nokia Lumia 800擊敗iPhone和BlackBerry兩個對手(Android並不在考慮之列), 取得澳洲BridgeStone公司採購合約.

像之前另一機構Feeding America大量採購Windows Phone一樣. 愈來愈多機構或企業採購Windows Phone作為員工的流動通訊設備.

澳洲Bridgestone的資訊部經理Scott Baxter表示, 這次採購正好說明Nokia Lumia Windows Phone擁有強大的商用價值實例.

Nokia Lumia完美結合了商務上的工具如Outook, Internet Explorer, Word, Excel 和 PowerPoint. 同時Nokia Lumia擁有超凡的設計和堅固耐用!

另外, Nokia Lumia的兩個免費app, Nokia Drive和 Nokia Maps提供了聲音輔助的turn-by-turn GPS導航, 也是購買的重要原因之一.

"There was a strong business case for the Nokia Lumia 800. It gives us the best of both worlds — seamless integration with familiar business tools, such as Outlook, Internet Explorer, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as exceptional design and build quality," group IT manager for Bridgestone Australia, Scott Baxter, said in a statement today.

"In addition, two Nokia applications are proving to be of great value to mobile staff. Nokia Drive provides free, voice-activated turn-by-turn navigation, while Nokia Maps enable staff to dispense with separate GPS devices, and download maps that provide offline pedestrian navigation in Australia or abroad."