Nokia Lumia 900係最佳室外晝面的手機

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Nokia Lumia系列的Screen大都有ClearBlack Display的處理.
這裡就有解釋Nokia ClearBlack Display的原理和好處, 有效降低強光的反射.

專業測試DisplayMate, 在強光照環境下進行測試, 確認Nokia Lumia 900比其他手機, 擁有更佳室外觀看的晝面
finding that in strong indirect sunlight the Nokia Lumia 900 had better screen visibility that the Samsung Galaxy S and iPhone 4 (and by extension the iPhone 4S, which uses the same screen).

最近Pocket-lint進行在陽光下邊部手機最好的測試.  結果Nokia Lumia 900一如既往, 繼續擊敗一眾的參賽手機, 大熱勝出!

結論是Nokia Lumia 900不但有更佳的Screen, 而且是Windows Phone的Metro Interface令用家在室外環境下使用時更清晰!

The strong colours of the Windows Phone 7 operating system on the Nokia Lumia 900 mean that it is great for use outdoors in the sun - who would have thought the geeks and Microsoft liked the beach? The simply Metro design really is clear to see and you would have no trouble using the phone by the pool.
Surprisingly the best experience was to be had with the Nokia Lumia 900 on account of the simple to see interface.



Nokia Lumia系列的Screen大都有ClearBlack Display的處理.
這裡就有解釋的原理和好處, 有效降低強光的反射 ...
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