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由於WP8 SDK和相關documentation流出, 很多網站都披露了WP8的新功能!  真係講幾日幾夜都可能講唔晒!

Nokia點解早前花錢全面收購Scalado, 除了即將推出WP8版本的Pureview 808同一41MP超高像素感光元件外, 也可能早就知道可以在WP8的相機上做更多Nokia獨有的特別功能!


One of those is Camera Lenses, a method by which developers can add a “mini app” of sorts to within in the camera function. This will allow devs to have much more creative control over the Windows Phone camera app

-Camera parameter configuration, such as ISO speed and exposure. Real-time access to the phone’s video stream.

-Lenses, which are special camera apps that can provide enhanced camera functionality such as effects, filters, and computational photography.

-Multiframe capture for creating new types of camera experiences and imagery.