WP將同步Windows 8.1的Reading List

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W8China 原文

Windows 8.1的新增功能: Reading List, 類似IE web browsing的bookmarks, 或是WP的Favorites.

但Reading List並不侷限在IE內的一個功能, 是放在Charm Bar的Sharing內的一個新增功能, 即是其它app都可以使用Reading List.

並且可以和Windows 8.1對應的設備如WP8.1/Windows RT 8.1等, 同步Reading List!

new Windows 8.1 Reading List feature. It allows you to save all the interesting things you find online or any other app to access it later. When you want to save it for later, go to Share button in the Charms Bar and select the Reading List option. These items will be synced across Windows devices including Windows Phones.