Windows Phone 8.1 (8.10.14203.306) Critical Update For DP

Imporved List

Battery Saver
•Foreground vs background metrics: Usage bars now show foreground and background telling you how much power a particular app consumes and whether you're using it or not.
•Time filters: A filter has been added to the usage view where you can now specify the timeframe of data to look at. Can now show data from the last day, two days or a week.
•What does battery saver do?: Re-worded the settings page to more clearly indicate what battery saver mode does.
•Real time live tile: If you pin the battery saver app to start, it now updates in real time! (Requires build 8.1.14203 or higher.)
•Quick settings: You can now add battery saver to the quick settings menu and cycle through the battery saver options there. (Requires build 8.1.14203 or higher.)
•Turn on until next charge: A new option to let users turn on battery saver until next charge.
•Improved battery usage scaling: The usage data now scales to actual device battery capacity with full width mapping to 100% capacity. Additionally, the bars now use a logarithmic scaling algorithm to make the bars more visible when usage is small for a particular app.

Source: ... r-developer-1474811

no use, just release the Demin lar.