Display Dock有分無線和有線

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MS個Display Dock係有線
張圖個display dock係可以駁Ethernet network(可能要經USB to LAN既device), 亦可以另外攞電, 唔洗用部手機供電!
Microsoft Display Dock (HD 500), which is a wired dock featuring a USB Type-C (5 Gbps) port, a DisplayPort, an HDMI port and three USB 2.0 ports (one designed for high-current charging).
...support for wired keyboards and mice (or Bluetooth devices) in addition to multiple display output options.

Wireless Display Dock係要用到Windows 10 Miracast extensions!
they can interface with the device via wireless Miracast technology. In order to properly work with Continuum, Miracast wireless docks and dongles require a minimum wireless connection speed of 802.11n, with a recommended setup of 802.11ac dual-band connectivity.

Wireless Dongle
如果唔用keyboard/mouse, 輸入靠部手機的話, 可以用支援Windows 10 Miracast extensions Wireless Dongle!
咁個extension多左D咩野唔同Miracast, 應該係個wireless速度, 用普通miracast dongle都work, 不過可能會lag lag地!
Miracast dongles attached to displays can interface with Continuum compatible phones for a bigger picture. Miracast docks and dongles also need to be compatible with the Windows 10 Miracast extensions for optimal performance, leaving devices such as Chromecast out of the Continuum party. However, devices lacking compatibility with the Miracast extension will still work, albeit with more latency and possible connection issues.

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