ACER A500 - Taboonay 2.0 ROM (os 3.2)

Busybox, Bash, Nano...
CPU Freq & governor based on screenstate.
optipng'ed & zipaligned apps to reduce size & memory usage
sysro, sysrw
Insecure boot
Removed some Acer apps
Kernel tweaks
Optimized lowmemkiller settings
Mount (ext4) tweaks
Modded host file for ads filter
Added PolarisOffice (from Asus)
NTFS support (with Driver Mount)HFS support (with custom kernel)
Dalvik optimized
Internet tweaksDRM Service disable
Optimized Acer wallpaper from Launcher2 (reduce size)
Updated Apps
Added ES File Explorer
Motorola Bootanim
WiFi Channel 12-13 and Ad-Hoc support (Thx to richardtrip)
Google Music updated to 3.0.2
Asus Weather widget
Samsung Dual Clock widget

好似好正咁呀!!!  有冇師兄試過呀?~~