Which do you prefer? Galaxy Tab 7.7 3G/Wifi or Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE?

If you had a choice to pick one of the 2 devices:  Galaxy Tab 7.7 3G/Wifi or Galaxy Tav 8.9 LTE which one would you choose?  Any why?

what are the pros and cons for each?

Galaxy Tab 7.7 3G

Small size easy to carry around
Super AMOLED Screen
Can make/ receive phone calls
microsd card support (32gb)
not heavy
excellent battery

no ICS updated yet
no LTE support

Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE

super fast LTE support
slim and light size for a 8.9" screen

no microsd card (built in 16gb is a joke) - we are  now in 2012
no super AMOLED screen
some people may prefer a smaller screen
no ICS update