Tablet with good display (7" or 8")

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Can any C Hing recommend a tablet with a really good display (7" or 8")?

The budget is $1,500 to $2,000.

Not for gaming so the new NVidia Shield's high benchmarks are not required. More for reading comics and web browsing.

Thanks in advance.

睇左呢期咁多部機, TAB S 8.4 最值得入.


睇左呢期咁多部機, TAB S 8.4 最值得入.
winmo 發表於 2014-9-19 22:06

Thanks, but over budget...


If you can buy Galaxy Tab Pro,it is one of the best display quality tablet in $2000 budget.

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That depends on how you define "best display".
Some people like Super Amoled, some don't.  
I suggest going to a store and see "the best display" for yourself