What do you guys think about the iPad Pro?

This morning I went to the Apple Store at Canton Road and tried out the iPad Pro and I must say that it is a "big" device.

Trust me I knew that it was going to be big but I didn't expect it to feel awkward.    This device if anyone plans to get one will most likely want to use it at home.  There is no way you will be able to use it a restaurant nor would you want to use it while walking on the street or commuting by MTR or Taxi.    It is just too big.

The biggest disappoint for me as I honestly had my heart set to buy one this morning, is that the Pencil is not available now.  You will have to wait for 2 to 3 weeks for it.   Until then what do you do with an oversized iPad?   I had to leave the store without an iPad Pro for now.     Big disappointment.

On the positive note, the iPad Pro is fast and felt very smooth while using.   The keyboard cover is a must have because there is no way one would use the iPad Pro solely as a tablet.   It will be a big waste.   
The pencil is also very nice to use and it did feel comfortable to use.  This is why I am saying that had the pencil been in stock today, I would be having the iPad Pro 128GB with me now.

The screen was also very clear as expected.

The weight is not an issue at all as it is not so heavy.   The main issue is the size.  You have to get used to it and if you don't, you will have a problem.

Due to the size I would think the space grey model will be ideal.   I just don't like seeing a huge white surface in front of me.   Think of it as having a white color TV at home.   Yuck.

Later today I am going to check out the Surface Pro 4 at Fortress and then will make my comparison.

SP4 won't be available until the 19th. I have already pre-ordered one at Fortress and will order Lumia 950XL at MS Store later. Never wanted to buy iPad Pro.




available at apple store now


available at apple store now
collyman 發表於 2015-11-12 13:35

iPad Pro is easily available as not many takers yet without a pencil to use with.


SP4 won't be available until the 19th. I have already pre-ordered one at Fortress and will order Lu ...
Carson35 發表於 2015-11-12 13:24

Which Surface Pro 4 did you order?  The i7 model?


I think the iPad Pro pencil though I have not yet tried the Surface Pro 4 yet, is better.

However, Surface Pro 4 is using Windows 10 Pro, will have better use and longevity.   Moreover, I don't see any use of iPad Pro 32gb model as it is way too small.  You can only get to use 23gb out of the box and that is no good for a pro model.    Surface Pro 4 has more storage options plus micrSD card support.

iPad has Apple backing and very good warranty support (Apple Care).

It is so confusing.


To buy iPad Pro 128gb Wifi (sure many will buy this) = $7288

But you will also have to buy these:
1) Apple Care = $688
2) Apple keyboard cover = $1348
3) Pencil = $788
4) silicone cover to protect the back = $618

Total investment = HK $10730

For the power user + $1000 for LTE which makes it HK $11730

Now the question.  Is it worth the money?

In comparison we can get Surface Pro 4 with i7 chip 256gb storage and 8gb ram or better yet get the model with 16gb ram.   

Which will you choose?


I am still so confused on what to get.

1) oversized iPad
2) Surface Pro 4 i7 256gb 16gb ram.

It will cost nearly the same as getting iPad Pro 128gb (of course) with LTE with Keyboard cover, silicone case, pencil and Apple Care

Either way we will have to burn $14xxx.   


i think it really depends on what you want to do with it