Will Smartone get stock of iPhone 6 or iPhone 6+ on 19th Sept?

Yesterday I was at SmarTone and I spoke to the sales there.

They informed me that normally people would start to receive e-mails or SMS messages from SmarTone from Wednesday night or Thursday morning to receive their phones on the 19th September 2014.

However, they are not sure.   They claim that only Apple mentioned that iPhone 6 will be available on the 19th September 2014 but not SmarTone.

I wonder what he meant???

I am hoping to get my iPhone 6 + 128GB (Gold) on the 19th September.   Let hope SmarTone has stock.

Will sell mine right away.  

Will buy the iPhone 6 + again later when the best cases are out and when jailbreak is available.

I want to get one too....