Oh....HKid problem (IR) & Red error message Questions

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Hi all,

1.I just forgot did I typed the HKID correct or wrongly....

If i type A12345678, will the system reject me directly?Can someone tell me the link that I can self-check how HKID is checking on-line?

2. Today and Yesterday, after pressed submit, I got the red error message....I guess the stock is 0 or no timeslot????



HKID cards contain the bearer's name in English, Chinese and Chinese telegraph code, the date of birth and the HKID number etc.

The standard format of the HKID number is X999999(C), where X can be any capital letter followed by 6 digits and C is the check digit.

There are 26 million possible card numbers, and while the numbers of those who have died are not reassigned, there are still sufficient numbers in the near future.

For details, please visit Smart ID