Microsoft Windows 8 RTM, Built 8888 or 9200 ?

We, (BillGates, Uncle-TSYA and Co) are pleased to inform you excellent news! Microsoft has signed the final "gold code" of the operating system Microsoft Windows 8 RTM (Release To Manufacturing), the final assembly of the gold as expected by us, has become an assembly: 8888.16384.win8_rtm.120724-1555 From now on, the assembly 8888.16384.win8_rtm.120724-1555 has the official status of the final version of Microsoft Windows 8 RTM (Release To Manufacturing), and that this assembly will be posted on Microsoft's subscription resources such as MSDN, it will be available to subscribers at the end of August this year . Also, the assembly 8888.16384.win8_rtm.120724-1555 will be sent to all partners of Microsoft including OEM partners, ie, it is this assembly will be to contemplate a new computer from various PC manufacturers. On September 27 this year, will start selling boxed (RETAIL) versions of Microsoft Windows 8 in stores around the world. We hope that we can provide the final distributions of Microsoft Windows 8 RTM (Release To Manufacturing) earlier than they become available to subscribers of Microsoft, we are working on it. But this does not mean that the distributions are the first place we are. Since then, distributions may fall into the network from anyone who has access to the final distributions, and this is Microsoft's employees as well as large OEM partners, such as Lenovo, DELL, HP i.t.d We wish all to be patient and wait for news.

Win8 RTM 正式版編譯完成!版本號9200
7月8日的時候,軟媒發表了那篇《Win8正式版:8600、8800還是8888?》,實際上,直到7月24日的時候,微軟還是決定Win8 RTM 是Build 8888,甚至編譯完成了 8888.16384.WIN8_RTM.120724-1555。但是到了7月25日,情況發生了變化,因為Win8的這個8888版本和微軟內部的工具組發生了衝突,因此這個版本被廢棄,從而選擇了9200這個版本號。


不管如何,這次算是塵埃落定了,而且Win8 Build 9200.16384.WIN8_RTM.120725-1247 這個版本已經在美國時間7月26日正式完成編譯。

其他網站的消息依然是8888為正式版,但是軟媒很確定,Win8 Build 9200.16384.WIN8_RTM.120725-1247 這個將是陪伴我們度過1年多時光的Windows 8系統的正式版版本號。

因為此次Win8 RTM版本號從8888變化到9200,導致Win9的第一個版本號也發生了變化,這個隨後會有細節報導。

Windows 8 build 8888 and 9200 are both RTM candidates and the final selection by Microsoft would be done between two of them. Interestingly, 9200 is still the Windows 8 build not the post-RTM build for Windows 9.  Build 9200 was compiled on 25 July, 2012 while 8888 was compiled a day before that but, both of them are from RTM branch of Windows 8

Canouna the well-known source of Windows 8 leaks, on WinUnleaked has updated the build list of Windows 8 which have both build 8888 and 9200 as the RTM candidates. According to Canouna, the final build would be selected in next 12 – 24 hours.
We previously, reported about Windows 8 build 8888 as the final RTM build but, now another build has been entered as the candidate for Window 8 RTM. The final selection would be done by Microsoft in a days’ time.

The Windows 8 RTM build number 9200 seems to be in line with RTM build Numbers of previous versions of Windows from Vista onwards. All are divisible by 100 and 16.
1.16*375=6000 Windows Vista RTM Build
2.16*475=7600 Windows 7 RTM Build
3.16*575=9200. Windows 8 RTM Build

You can notice a simple mathematical trend here



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