[Windows 10] win 10點樣可以screen mirroring去電視?

用手機wifi係可以screen mirroring去電視。電腦係用lan線駁router,電視就wifi駁router,可唔可以mirror個desktop出電視?我電腦只得有線lan卡冇wifi,thx!

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用手機wifi係可以screen mirroring去電視。電腦係用lan線駁router,電視就wifi駁router,可唔可以mirror個d ...
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如果係播片要串流去電視, 就咁係File Explorer, Right-Click個File揀Cast To Device!

如果係要Mirroring, 就Bing下Windows 10 howto miracast佢就有大把答案!


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係咪要 wireless lan先得?我見唔到device有得揀project


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係咪要 wireless lan先得?我見唔到device有得揀project
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前提係你部W10 device如Surface Pro或Surface 3, 個WiFi支援Miracast, 部電視個WiFi亦係支援Miracast!

How to use Windows Miracast Display feature on Windows 10

If your computer supports the Miracast display, then you will see an option as Add a wireless display. Click on the option and it will start searching for the new displays which are available in the given range. Once you see the desired device on the search results, click on the device name.

Windows will now install the required drivers on the device and within a few seconds you will see the third part display displaying your device.

要先Add a wireless display, 之後就可以
On Windows 10, the project option can directly be accessed by pressing the Window + P keys together.