[Windows 10] dell pc

I have a dell pc which come with win7,recently upgraded to win10

Now, I still can downgrade to win7?

the PC no warranty now, and I don't have the win7 disc...


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You can't roll back to W7 after the 10-day grace period

Most likely you're screwed with W10

Not sure if your original HDD"s recovery partition still has W7, but if it's still available then maybe W7 can be recovered and installed, I'm not sure


because I don't know why the Win10 start button,only can right click, cannot normal click...

And cannot double click most of the desktop icon (include my document/My computer...)..don't know why


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See if this works
https://www.google.com.hk/?gws_r ... rt+menu+not+working

But YES, W10 is NOT as good as people think
If you still have a chance, restore to W7 for good before it's too late