[Windows 10] 防病毒Eset Nod32稱讚Edge係無任何廣泛流傳既漏洞

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Security company ESET says Microsoft's Edge browser has no exploits in the wild

防病毒Eset Nod32稱讚Edge係無任何廣泛流傳既漏洞!

In their annual security report ESET has praised Microsoft for finally securing their browser by default, resulting in no active exploits in the wild.

ESET concluded by saying: "Obviously, the use of a modern up-to-date Windows version, e.g. Windows 10 with the latest updates, is the best approach to being protected from cyber attacks exploiting vulnerabilities. As we have shown above and in previous versions of this report, its components contain useful security features for mitigating RCE and LPE exploits. ...."

In the latest OS builds Microsoft now blocks Adobe's Flash by default, and prevents infected drivers by demanding that drivers be tested by and digitally signed by Microsoft, and also prevents infected firmware by using secure boot.