[Windows 10] W10支援eSIM, 唔洗SIM card都可以用到流動通訊

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Wave of LTE Windows 10 laptops and PCs coming as another eSIM provider signs up

之前世界最大SIM製造商Gemalto宣佈Windows 10會支援on demand Connectivity eSIM技術.

Gemalto partnered with Microsoft to release its On Demand Connectivity and eSIM technology for Windows 10 devices

Windows Devices如平板, 過往要直接用mobile data都要買D係有SIM card slot既型號才可以!

MS表示Windows 10將會支援eSIM技術, 可以通過係Windows Store購買通訊商既mobile data service.

雖然eSIM可以免除SIM Slot, 但都要有接收相關既控制器!
如果只係買eSIM wifi服務, 只要部W10 Device有Wireless就得!
但係如果係買eSIM 4G LTE,咁部W10 device都要有接收mobile data既MODEM才work!

唔知遲D, Intel會唔會出D比平板用既chipset(s), 係內置埋4G/5G MODEM呢?

果頭仲話Windows Phone市佔就快跌到0%

遲下手機可以轉訊號俾電腦接聽電話, 電腦又可以過返俾手機接聽


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無4G modem 用唔到4G好正常 有咩好講

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Windows Devices如平板, 過往要直接用mobile data都要買D係有SIM c ...
wild 發表於 2017-3-7 17:38

咁就慘了. 無得用平SIM


eSIM 唔當SIM 類別


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咁就慘了. 無得用平SIM
556556bt 發表於 2017-3-8 00:16

因為就算有eSIM, 部W10 Device都係特別設計比mobile connection如要有Mobile MODEM, 天線等....
所以D廠商都好大機會有埋SIM slot, 不過多個eSIM feature, 唔洗轉SIM card, 網上比錢就可以on-demand用到流動通訊服務!

唔洗次次去邊處之前, 要買定張可以係當地用到既SIM card, 也不要睇住張SIM card幾時會到期!
其實對流動通訊商既成本都平左, 唔洗要SIM Card, 又唔洗街外鋪頭賣SIM Card又食左一截!

反正Intel出左咁多款Mobile MODEMs, 之前又公佈了世界第一粒支援全球規格5G MODEM Soc!

應該推出多D W10 平板係內置埋Mobile MODEM!
最好就係部部portable既W10 Device都內置Mobile功能!


Microsoft signs up another eSIM maker, could sell data connectivity directly from Windows 10 devices
Oberthur Technologies has announced its new eSIM technology, which is certified for use with Windows 10. The eSIM “card” takes the role of a SIM card but eliminates the need for a physical chip, instead relying on software to allow you to switch modify your contract (or even provider) at will.

The eSIM card’s usage is highlighted not just for mobile devices, but for compatible laptops and tablets. Ideally, using this eSIM technology, these devices will no longer need to be tied down to WiFi networks in order to gain connectivity, and will instead be able to consume data much in the way that a cell phone would.

Up until now, laptop and notebook computer users wanting to connect to a cellular network had to plug a physical SIM card into their device. With this eSIM, the physical and Mobile Operator parts of the SIM are separate and the latter can be reprogrammed remotely, which means greater flexibility for users when selecting a network of their choice. This technology will eventually enable them to stay connected on the move, without access to WiFi, by selecting one of the available cellular networks on their device, thus using mobile data in an easy and secure manner.

Just yesterday we wrote about TV White Space (TVWS) and Microsoft’s push to bring that connectivity to the United States. The introduction of this eSIM technology alongside potential TVWS coverage could potentially open up a number of opportunities for connectivity all across the nation.

Microsoft also introduced a Cellular Data app on the Windows Store last year, which allowed users to purchase data on the go, assuming they had a SIM card to work with. At the time it seemed like this was odd – given that not many Surface models have LTE connectivity – but this technology could give it new purpose.

https://www.onmsft.com/news/micr ... -windows-10-devices


Microsoft signs up another eSIM maker, could sell data connectivity directly from Windows 10 devices ...
apricot 發表於 2017-3-8 12:15

希望出多D Windows 10既portable devices係預設己有支援流動通訊既相關硬件如天線等等!
唔係既話, 就算有eSIM, 部Devices都冇天線, 都係用唔到eSIM既功能!


希望出多D Windows 10既portable devices係預設己有支援流動通訊既相關硬件如天線等等!
唔係既話, 就算有e ...
wild 發表於 2017-3-13 08:14

    咁都要有LTE chips 先得. 將來既cellular pc windows on arm 就應該有晒.


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咁都要有LTE chips 先得. 將來既cellular pc windows on arm 就應該有晒.
556556bt 發表於 2017-3-13 13:59

Intel係有出LTE chips, 好心Microsoft出surface時就built-in埋Intel既Mobile  MODEM!
一係Intel出既流動或portable既chipsets時加入埋佢既Mobile MODEM soc!

Intel出左好多款Mobile MODEMs, 之前又公佈了世界第一粒支援全球規格5G MODEM Soc!