[Windows 10] Windows 10 Creators update confirm version nos: 1703

Microsoft is planning to release the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update in April. Late last month, we also reported that the Windows 10 Creators Update will have a version number of 1703. Today, Microsoft has confirmed the version number for the Windows 10 Creators Update.

Windows 10 Creators Update's  version number confirmed by Microsoft
https://mspoweruser.com/windows- ... irmed-by-microsoft/

Windows 10 Build 15055 released to Insiders for PCs and Mobile, here's the changelog
https://mspoweruser.com/windows- ... eres-the-changelog/

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等緊今個月既更新, 期待緊下個月既Creators Update重大更新!


Blue light filter & app folders on Start!

Creators Update Feature Complete!

new share icon & Compact Overlay


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等緊今個月既更新, 期待緊下個月既Creators Update重大更新!

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    D 新野應該出得八八九九......  暫時night light mode @ mobile 未出現.

反而Edge on PC 出現video decoding 問題. Play HTML5 H.264 video 時會唔順同勁高CPU loading. feedback hub 都有反應呢個問題