[Windows 10] MS快將簽發Creators Update版本既RTM

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Microsoft to begin Windows 10 Creators Update sign-off process this week

MS快將簽發Creators Update版本既廠機版!
This coming week, Microsoft is expected to begin its internal sign-off process, in which the company will compile RTM (Release To Manufacturing) candidates

傳聞4月11日開始, 有Creators Update重大更新.
到時唔等得既, 可能又要用Media Creation Tool下載Creators Update版本既W10 image自行安裝了!
Microsoft is targeting April 11th as the release day for select devices running the Anniversary Update, with all other devices expected to get the update before May.

Windows 10 Creators Update - Microsoft Edge Features
有Tab Management, 可以收起一組Tabs, 又可以restore返一組Tabs.
可以用Browser直接睇ebooks如epub, pdf!

好Free D!

MS快將簽發Creators Update版本既廠機版!

傳聞4月11日開始, 有Creators Update重大更新.
到時唔等得既 ...
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    未掂喎... 我諗佢要出多兩3個build 先得. 硬解, 無啦啦sleep 變restart. 都未搞掂.