[Windows 10] 美國國防部都升級上Windows 10和雲端

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US Department of Defense seeing the benefits of greater reliance on Windows 10 and Azure

大勢所趨, 都係上Windows 10和用雲端!

提供美國國防部技術支援, 都好好搵.  Microsoft仲取得來自國防部有史以來其中之一最大既商業雲端合約.
US government has shown interest in Microsoft's technologies; the DoD recently awarded the company a lucrative $927 million contract for specialized tech support. Microsoft also landed one of the largest commercial cloud contracts in the history of the DoD, back in 2015.

美國國防部4百萬部設備昇級上Windows 10!
Pentagon's Joint Regional Security Stacks (JRSS) will be moving to "state of the art street technology" such as Windows 10 and a more cloud-based system, thus reducing its physical footprint of servers. The department is already in the middle of upgrading about four million devices to Windows 10.

國防部約有9成操作系統將會是Windows 10!
roughly 90 percent of DoD operating systems will be on Windows 10

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