[Windows 10] win10 1709 SysListView32 影響cursor嗰個BUG真係好煩

某啲program例如7zip, rar, mp3tag, 甚至乎 ms自己個regedit都有影響

講吓會影響乜, 就係喺一啲program你有得multi selection, 你一用mouse按住 left click去drag,
cursor就會飄移, 飛咗去畫面角落位置。
到目前為止仲未完全fix呢個問題, 好似只有1709先出現

大佬, 你自己regedit都有事都唔出個fix真係唔知ms想點

https://answers.microsoft.com/en ... e-af76-dbc255acd8d1

Shocking revelation
Why Microsuck keeps making useless new things and breaking good old stuff is beyond everyone's understanding


MS啲support淨係識copy & paste, win10 個start menu又係咁,
呢個bug又係咁, 淨係叫人run SFC, 根本唔出patch run幾多次都無用啦,

we suggest running the System File Checker (SFC) tool to help you find and fix issues within the system files that may affect your computer's performance and can cause issues like this.