[Windows 10] 在設定個人化背景中按瀏覽冇反應

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請問各位知唔知道點樣修正? PLZ

在 google 查過用 regedit 在某機碼輸入 Other Users

冇用因為個機碼裡面已經一早有 Other Users 這個值


Sorry no can do
Since you have chosen to go the w10 route, you've become the guinea pig and must be accountable for your problems and troubleshooting yourself...

Unfortunately this is exactly what M$ wants you to be


試下係windows explorer 睇圖, right click睇下有冇"設定為卓面背景"選項.
如果冇或轉唔到, 咁就要睇下你用左咩版本windows 10.