[Windows XP] Java 8 on XP?

The last officially supported Java on XP is Version 7 (Update 80)
However, the unsupported Version 8 (up to Update 42 or before) can still be installed and run

So the question is, should I update Java to Version 8?
Asking because some web pages fail to load properly and my FF browser is still on v51.0.1 (and no more than v52.9ESR)...
Will updating Java (JRE) and FF help increasing web page compatibility?

Feedback appreciated

網頁的Javascript和AJAX跟Java完全沒有關係,至於Java Applet,已經被淘汰,而且Java 7跟Java 8應該沒有大分別。

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I assume you have evaluated your environments and software requirements...?

If the system and toolchain is incompatible with your vendor software, then I think it is time to discuss with your team, or the vendor, to see if it is viable to continue using the older version of your software?

Otherwise it would be simpler to just upgrade the system to Windows 10 or Windows Server 2019, or even Windows 10 LTSC for backward compatibility, and see if the latest OS environment can support the "newer" vendor software?

PS: I ran into similar situation when accessing an old iDRAC interface, which offers the VNC/Console interface using Java 7/8 applet, I have to download the applet and decompile the JAR file, obtain the VNC parameters for me to use other tools and access the console...