(1) DashCam - future proofing? (2) Choosing brand/model

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I plan to install a combined front/rear dashcam system, and would like to seek C Hing's input on future proofing.

The concern is how to replace a system in case of defect without the need to reroute the cables again, esp. the one connecting the rear cam to the front cam.

I note that different makers use different front/rear connecting cables.

For instance, BlackVue and Thinkware use cables with a 3.5mm plug, whilst BlackSys uses one with a USB plug.

Does it mean that we'll usually have to replace a unit with another from the same maker?


Separate question:

Researching Thinkware F770, BlackVue DR650, Blacksys CH-100B and LG LGD521.

Does any C Hing have experience installing/using Blacksys CH-100B or LG LGD521? Any good?

Many thanks in advance!