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Review: Philips X-treme Ultinon LED 12794UNIX2

Regular headlights can reflect off the fog, snow, or dust particles in the air, causing glare and confusing the eyes of drivers so that they cannot see the road adequately.

Fog lights, on the other hand, were developed for use in thick fog as their name suggest.
Vehicles may be equipped with both front and rear fog lights. Those in the front improve the driver’s visibility ahead of the car. The fog lights installed at the back of the car serve to warn other drivers of the car’s presence. Usually, the rear fog lights are wired on a separate circuit, apart from the rest of the car’s lighting.

The shape of front fog light beams usually resembles a pair of underscore _ _. They are meant to stay low to the surface of the road so that drivers can see the lanes well enough to proceed safely. Their unique flat and wide beam positioned low on the car also allow them to be used for other conditions in which visibility is severely limited, such as cornering.

I was looking for a easy yet reliable way to improve the visibility during inclement weather. Let's see how these bulbs perform as off road accessory.

Product description (adapted from Philips):

The new X-treme Ultinon LED headlights range is the culmination of years of technological innovation, utilising a variety of Philips’ patented design features in order to achieve a headlight that surpasses expectations in every field. With the help of LUXEON LED technology, the bulbs achieve a bright white light with a colour temperature of 6500K, producing a 200% brighter light than that of a standard halogen.

What’s more, the stylish white light effect of the X-treme Ultinon LED headlights' beam is designed with precision in mind, making use of SafeBeam technology to ensure that the bulbs’ extra light stays where it belongs: on the road. As well as being more distinctive than a standard halogen light, the white LED light produced is closer to the colour of natural daylight, helping you to stay alert and energised on the road at night. The refined positioning of the strong, uniform LED light enables you to see far-away obstacles on the road, without the risk of dazzling other drivers.

The expert craft of the X-treme Ultinon LED headlights range also means that you can enjoy the benefits of a brighter, whiter light for longer. Philips have implemented advanced AirFlux and AirCool technologies to increase the bulbs’ heat resistance, diverting heat from any critical components, thus extending their lifetime. These intelligent heat management systems, combined with the higher light intensity level of the LED, make for an impressively durable bulb with a remarkably long life of up to 12 years.

With the X-treme Ultinon LED headlights' easy installation process you can enjoy extra sight, style, safety and bulb-life in no time at all. Get ready to outshine and out-style the competition.

Technology LED
Mount        H8, H11, H16
Protection                IP65
Electrical Data
Wattage        10.0 W
Voltage        12.0 V
Photometrical data
Color temperature        2700 K or 6500 K
Luminous flux        1200 lm
Lifespan        Up to 12 years

Image credit: Philips

Claim (from Osram's product description):
- 200% brighter than standard halogen
- Increased durability means up to 12 years lifetime
- Precise, safe light placement on road
- Direct fitment allows easy installation process

1. Packaging: 2-piece pack in paper box 包裝:2-包裝的紙箱
2. Directions: "Install per owner's manual. The Philips X-treme Ultinon LED are polar-free." 指示:“照用戶手冊安裝。 飛利浦X-treme Ultinon LED無極性。”。
3. Construction: Plastic base with LED element exposed 結構:具有暴露的LED元件的塑料基
4. Color: Black / Silver 顏色:黑/銀
5. Scent: N/A 氣味:N/ A
6. Price: I dont sell light bulbs.
7. Cost: $$$$$ + Replacement cost 成本:$$$$$ + 更換成本
8: Manufacturer: Philips 製造商:飛利浦
9: Made in: China 產地:中國

Environmental Conditions:
16*C / 60F
~50-70% RH
My car has done 48000km, but I dont use fog lights on road so the original bulbs are pretty new.

A picture is worth a thousand words.  We shall see some photos first and rejoin for the pros, cons and verdict.

The packaging design of the Philips LED bulb.
Remember, they are my off road accessory.

Before and after installation.  38mm, F8.0, 1.3", ISO100.  Near pillar distance ~7m.
Even though the Honda is gone and its licence plate no longer help to show some light, the road surface and far wall are obviously brighter.

Color temperature comparisons.
My car has full LED headlights.
Factory LED headlights has a very slight bit of purple.
Philips LED bulb has a green tint that looks like fluorescent lamp when viewed in person.

+1 More light off road for higher brightness
+2 Longer light beam for further reach
+3 Very long claimed service life
+4 Correct beam pattern

-1 Green color

1. NA       

Philips tried to promise a lot of things with these little bulbs.

As tested, they are very bright bulbs and has precisely designed beam pattern. I can see my bulbs reaching far far away while remain focused so will not cause glare to other off roaders.
經測試,它們是非常明亮的燈泡,並有精確設計的光束模式。 我可以看到我的燈泡到達很遠的地方,而且保持集中,所以不會對其他下車者造成眩光。

However, I am disappointed that the greenish beam color are no where close to the claimed bluish white 6500K.  I suspect they gone cheap used UV LED to stimulate phosphor to emit greenish light.  Heck, even my Osram 4000K LED gives a purer white beam.  I bought these hoping for accurate color.  No next time, Philips, particularly you are 50% more expensive than your major competitor but you have lower wattage.
然而,我很失望,綠色的光束的顏色是沒有接近所謂的藍白色6500K。 我懷疑他們便宜使用紫外線LED來刺激熒光粉發出綠色的光。 哎呀,即使我的歐司朗4000K LED提供了一個純白色的光束。 我買了這些希望準確的顏色。 沒有下一次,飛利浦,特別是你比你的主要競爭對手貴50%,但是你的功率更低。

Build quality: ★★★☆☆
Performance: ★★☆☆☆
Value: ★★☆☆☆
User friendliness: ★★★★☆
Overall: 2.75

0/5 - Fail / Does not meet its claims
1/5 - Fail / Only meet some of its claims, and may have some disadvantages
2/5 - Fail / Only meet some of its claims, but may have some advantages
3/5 - Acceptable / Meets all of its claims
4/5 - Recommended / Meets all of its claims well and possess advantage over common products
5/5 - Highly recommended / Meets all of its claims and set a new standard on the market

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Hope you have enjoyed the review. Questions and comments welcomed.

Philips also make LED for headlights, which are direct replacement also.