Lenovo ThinkPad X61, X200 and X300 review

The selling price of a more advanced netbook is much similar with some model of  Lenovo ThinkPad X61 and X200.  The high end netbook costs about $5,000-HK and the low end ThinkPad X61 or X200 is about $9,000-HK to $10,000-HK.

Therefore, I purchased a X61 for me and a X200 for my best friend.  One of my friends even has 2 set of X300 too.  They are all lightweight models of ThinkPad as well as X300 and X301.  However, X300 and X301 cost higher in price.

Pro :
Lightweight and small footprint;
Equipped with Fingerprint reader;
Waterproof keyboard;
Durable and stable;
Professional outlook;
SSD as storage device (X300 only);
Active Protection System (for hard drive protection, X61 and X200 only) and
Three years world wide warranty

Con :
Without DVD-ROM unless buy a docking (X61 and X200 only) and
Expensive compares with other brand name of laptops

ThinkPad X61, X200 and X300 support Ubuntu 8.10 and Lambda Linux 8.10 out of box.  Fingerprint reader and APS need to do some extra work to make them working on X61 and X300.  However, fingerprint reader does not support for X200 as the device is different from X61, T61, and X300.  If you are interested in installing Ubuntu 8.10 to the ThinkPad, you can try Lambda Linux 8.10 for ThinkPad at http://samiux.wordpress.com/lambda-for-thinkpad

You can play Neverball (a 3D game) in Ubuntu or Lambda Linux with APS of X61 and X200.  You are not required to use keyboard and mouse while playing with it.  Just pick up the laptop and swinging.  Very funny indeed.

The Compiz Fusion (so called Special Effect in Ubuntu) is supported out of box.  However, if you want to play Neverball, you should disable it.

You can login to the system with swipping your finger when you are using Lambda Linux for ThinkPad.

Finally, I hope this article may gives a direction to all ThinkPad protential buyers who are planning to install Ubuntu or Lambda Linux on it.  Make sure to  create a set of Recovery Media Disks (3 DVDs) under ThinkVantage item of “Start” Menu in Windows Vista before installing Lambda Linux.


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curious about ..........whether the APS be supported under linux?


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curious about ..........whether the APS be supported under linux?

APS is built-in in Ubuntu 8.10 kernel but not Debian kernel.  

However, you may consider to treat this function as feature for playing games.  In my opinion, to make safe, you need to take care of your hard drive when using ThinkPad under Ubuntu or Lambda 8.10.  

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