Sun VirtualBox?

Today I want to read my IDE harddisk <> USB and
copy things to Linux Server (which is a NAS)

The harddisk contains reiserfs partitions, so I am thinking VMWare like software to
boot a system rescue CD or Gentoo minimum installation CD.

It's been a long time I use VMWare so I google if there are any legal free virtual PC or VMWare.
Then I found VirtualBox develop by Sun.

You can download or take a look at

Yes, VirtualBox is quite good for desktop virtualization:

  • Guest OpenGL / DirectX support (limited)
  • SMP (as of 3.0+)
  • RDP
  • USB over RDP (not in Open Source Edition)
  • Seamless Guest OS Window integration (like VMware Fusion)
  • Guest Additions for Windows, Linux and Solaris
  • Cross-platform
  • and many other features found in modern virtualizers