Ubuntu / Mygica D689 / MuMuDVB HDTV Streaming


Any one tried to use Ubuntu with Mygica D689 and MuMuDVB to do HDTV streaming at home?

Check out this site : MuMuDVB http://mumudvb.braice.net/mumudrupal/

Haven't tried it, but it looks like the frequency needs to be set in the configuration file. Hence the config file needs to be changed every time a different carrier frequency is to be streamed.



1. PC一台,跑Vmware Player + Ubuntu Server (or JeOS)

192M RAM, 2G disk space


2. Ubuntu Server (or JeOS) 裝 davidtlwong 的 Mygica D689 driver, 接Mygica D689

http://samiux.blogspot.com/2009/ ... hdtv-dongle-on.html

3. Ubuntu Server (or JeOS) 裝 MuMuDVB, 把高清信號用IP Streaming方式發放, 可以是Unicast / Multicast


4. 可用VLC Player看

5. 也可用Xtreamer Player 在電視看, 用2.13 firmware,加裝軟件以uPNP方式接HTTP unicast

http://forum.xtreamer.net/viewto ... er+dvb&start=60

6. 可用VLC 做transcoding, 在Internet上看

1-5已經做好, 與需要vmware jeos image (已裝好mygica d689 driver, mumudvb), 請PM。

有新想法, 歡迎交流。


1 .想問ubuntu server 需不需要額外裝那個功能 ? 全default 就可以?
2. 我有一張magic-pro 既高清卡 及一條techgear 既高清手指,係咪要搵到linux driver 就可以用?


There's an old thread in this forum on support of a certain techgear 高清手指 in linux, but I've forgotten when model. May be you may check below page:

For magic-pro it depends on what chips being used.


回復 1# xiaozhang

    Does it limit to D689 (ATBM8831) only? Can it work with D681 (ATBM8811)? Do I still need to get a ATBM8811 Linux driver first from ALTOBEAM?