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Version 0.12.2 of qemu-kvm was released earlier this week. This version continues to be derived from the upstream QEMU code-base with various KVM enhancements. For the most part it's various fixes making up the qemu-kvm 0.12.2 release, but there is a new feature and that is block migration.

The block migration support in qemu-kvm 0.12.2 makes it possible to do block migration of a virtual disk during the live migration process. Using this feature during a live QEMU migration will copy the entire virtual disk image asynchronously and then go back and copy the dirty blocks that were modified since the initial copy. This feature supports both live migration with complete storage copy and live migration with incremental storage copy.

Details concerning the block migration feature for qemu-kvm 0.12.2 can be found at Linux-KVM.com along with the migration instructions.

睇來宜家玩 Live Migration 唔使整個 Shared Storage 咯

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That sounds interesting. Without the need of a shared storage, you don't need to setup cluster and fencing so it will be a lot easier to setup, both in hardware and software.


呢個功能幾好,不過商業用呢,都係用個 SAN 方便好多。(我估RHEL6 應該都唔會包)