fail to run /sbin/service vsftpd start

I got the following error message when running "/sbin/service vsftpd start", do you know why, becuase I need to setup SFTP server in Fedora

Many thanks.
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你... 冇裝~
可以咁樣裝返:  yum install vsftpd


係呀, 我發覺原黎係冇裝, 但唔係裝fedora 就有呢咩???
同埋我正study 緊點樣manual 個server, 因公司要起台ftp, 俾其它remote site access, 用黎放d image 咁樣, 有冇意見可以share 俾小弟, 多謝哂
附件: 您需要登錄才可以下載或查看附件。沒有帳號?註冊


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"cd" is change directory. I will be very surprise if it works.

Try running:
"service vsftpd start"

You may want to start it on reboot:
"chkconfig vsftpd on"