Running EasyTen Chinese Input Method under Virtualbox ?

Hi all,

I am currently using EasyTen ( for Chinese input, and run it under WinXP, which is a input method, similar to Q9, but much easier to Q9

Chinese Input Method is one of the Major Factor that hinder me to change to use Ubuntu!
-> so is it a good way to let me using EasyTen under Ubuntu thru Virtualbox?

Can some Linux Guru give me some comments?

Thanks for any kind of help!

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if you could bother with copying text you entered in virtual machine to host all the time,  why not


Thanks icarus-c!

Do you mean that I have to type text under Virtualbox environment, copy it and then paste the text to the applications that I am running under Ubuntu?


yes. but i bother with copying text. i'm looking for a solution to enter the text directly