GNOME.Asia 2012 會前工作坊 (6月8日星期五 2-5pm)

GNOME.Asia 2012 會前工作坊 (6月8日星期五 2-5pm)

GNOME.Asia 2012 已宣佈在峰會前,6月8日星期五下午增設工作坊。

題目為 Design works and contributing to open source project

講者:William Jon McCann, Jakub Steiner and Allan Day.

Experience GNOME design first-hand in this introductory half-day workshop led by key members of the GNOME design team. Workshop participants will be given tuition on design practice and tools, as well as a beginner's guide to contributing to design in open community projects.

日期: 2012年6月8日星期五
時間: 下午2-5時
地點: 香港城市大學一號教學樓 4/F LT 1 田家炳先生演講廳(九龍塘達之路)
語言: 英語

This is a half-day training for students, designers and anyone who is interested to. There will be information about contributing to open source design and related tools  about design process. What is involved in design with open source and run some activities.