[HELP] RAID Recovery on Linux

The situation is that:
I have a NAS runing RAID5. Now, The 1st HDD is normal, the 2nd one is physically damaged. The 3rd one can be detect by typing cat /proc/partition. Also When I type fsck on my 2nd device, it shows:
fsck /dev/sdc
fsck from util-linux 2.20.1
e2fsck 1.42 (29-Nov-2011)
fsck.ext2: Superblock invalid, trying backup blocks...
fsck.ext2: Bad magic number in super-block while trying to open /dev/sdc
The superblock could not be read or does not describe a correct ext2
filesystem. If the device is valid and it really contains an ext2
filesystem (and not swap or ufs or something else), then the superblock
is corrupt, and you might try running e2fsck with an alternate superblock:
e2fsck -b 8193 <device>
Should I use e2fsck to fix it???
Many thank all specialists orz !!!

1. 乜都唔好郁, raid 唔係咁樣 rebuild, or fix problem
2. 提議去 NAS 嗰邊問


Linux可以用Partition去行RAID 5,你fsck /dev/sdc緊係有問題。原因/dev/sdc不等如整個RAID 5,/dev/sdc只是其中一個RAID memeber緊係唔得。

先sector by sector備份好兩個HDD,rebuild RAID 5有機會整瓜RAID 5先好去救DATA,