Hi all, any linux training/course recommended?

Hi all, I am interested in linux and I want to learn. I found some websites eg.鳥哥 so informative but not systematic to me. So, I may want to have a training/ take some course to have a better learning.

I searched the internet, I found some entry trainings, namely RHSCA/ LPI, but I dont know which one is suitable for me. I am not working in IT field but I want to learn linux

Could you guys give me some ideas?



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    如果自用, 都唔洗點上course, 首先將個linux, 唔識上網google 或去討論區問下.
    (我都系初哥一名, 用ubuntu 2年左右,到目前都系唔識點用command, google 完就copy and paste 試下)