Wine 4.0更新到支援Vulkan&DX12及GamePad。打機用乜OS有得選擇。

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<Emulation News: WINE 4.0 with Vulkan/DirectX 12 and game controller support released, yuzu gets shader caching support for better performance and DeSmuME gets more graphics rendering speed-ups!> ... endering-speed-ups/

《WINE 4.0 released – Now supports DirectX 12 and Vulkan!

For years, Linux and macOS have been criticised for the lack of native games available for them. While this is largely true, the folks working on WINE have been expanding the game library on these platforms for years through better compatibility with Windows applications. Through these efforts, various games like The Sims, SimCity 4, Assassin’s Creed, various Call Of Duty games and many more can be played on non-Windows operating systems.

Now, WINE has been updated to version 4.0 which brings about many updates important to Linux/Mac gamers among other relevant updates. These updates include:

Vulkan rendering support
This allows for supporting Vulkan rendering in more modern games like DOOM (2016)

Support for running Direct3D 12 applications
This technology is being used in some more recent games like Battlefield V although Vulkan is seeing more widespread adoption.
That being said, it’s still a relevant technology in the PC gaming scene.

Support for HID game controllers through XInput and the raw input API

High DPI support for Android devices
Obviously, you need an x86 Android tablet/smartphone to use this since WINE doesn’t emulate x86 code.

Support for running DOS binaries has been dropped and now, they’re opened in a DosBox instance
However, Win16 (Windows 3.1) applications still function

Many other features such as support for A0, A1 and A2 printing sizes, the implementation of Windows Media Player interfaces and more 》


我就係話等下 WINE 可能都會有更新可以裝埋 WIN10 軟件,而家有更新證明我睇法既一半,仲有一半就要繼續努力,因為篇文只提打機,冇提人人都"關心"既"OFFICE 新版用 wine 行唔行到?"