ubuntu 19.04 kernel 5.0

唔知有無師兄upgrade 左ubuntu去到19.04
我upgrade左之後,發現R560 display一直kernel無法升級到5.0,無啦啦自己解決左,但係另一個問題就係realtec sound card detect唔到,只有HDMI monitor 先出到聲
不過意外發現kernel upgrade左5.0之後,真係比4.2快左好多,連個boot 機screen都快到睇唔到

我用​Athlon 200GE,行Debian stable。
用kernel 4.9,睇片冇硬解。
升級amd gpu driver,升級到kernel 4.19,無法開機。
升級到kernel 5.0,可以開機,睇片有硬解。
再升級到kernel 5.0.2,開心使用中。
用usb sound card,所以冇留意realtec sound card。


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暫時未有得下載,反而正研究 ARCH 中,但因為比較複雜,所以如稍後見官網有得 DL 我就比 19.04 打個尖先

但係另一個問題就係realtec sound card detect唔到


network card RTL8111/8168/8411 PC
由 kernel 5.0.0 到 5.0.5,一路都有斷線問題。
其餘冇咩特別,可能 default kernel 將所有拖慢嘅 security fix disable 晒。


archlinux upgraded to 5.0. everything ok except rtl8812bu need to "update" the package.


正式發行未有 ISO 前想先了解一下 LINUX MINT 先


回覆 1# raywan

我仍然堅持緊ubuntu 14.04


Linux Kernel 5.0 Released, This is What's New

唔知有無師兄upgrade 左ubuntu去到19.04
我upgrade左之後,發現R560 display一直kernel無法升級到5.0,無啦啦 ...
不過意外發現kernel upgrade左5.0之後,真係比4.2快左好多,連個boot 機screen都快到睇唔到
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Linux Kernel 5.0 Released, This is What's New
https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2019 ... d-this-is-whats-new
Linux Kernel 5.0 has been released.

Previously earmarked to be version 4.21, the new release comes with a bucket full of improvements (as you’d expect).

But don’t expect grand changes just because there’s a natty new version number.

.... more ....

Linux Kernel 5.0

So what's new in Linux Kernel 5.0?


But, as always, the bulk of the improvements sit at the lower-level. Most major changes are invisible, intangible and uninteresting.

That said, there are some notable new additions worth mentioning. These includes:

  • AMD FreeSync display support
  • Raspberry Pi Touchscreen support in mainline kernel
  • New console font for HiDPI/retina displays
  • Btrfs swap file support
  • Adiantum data encryption
  • Logitech high-resolution scrolling

The list above isn't exhaustive but a selective digest of the more noteworthy changes..... more ...


The Many New Features & Improvements Of The Linux 5.0 Kernel

The Many New Features & Improvements Of The Linux 5.0 Kernel

.... more ....

Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) Drivers / Graphics

- AMD FreeSync support is easily the biggest AMDGPU feature we've seen in a while. The Linux 5.0 kernel paired with Mesa 19.0 can now yield working support for FreeSync / VESA Adaptive-Sync over DisplayPort connections! This was one of the few missing features from the open-source AMD Linux driver.
- Support for a new VegaM and other new Vega IDs.
- AMDKFD compute support for Vega 12 and Polaris 12.
- NVIDIA Xavier display support with the Tegra DRM code.
- Continued work bringing up Intel Icelake Gen11 graphics and the Intel DRM driver also enables DP FEC support.
- Initial support for NVIDIA Turing GPUs but only kernel mode-setting so far and no hardware acceleration on Nouveau.
- Media driver updates including ASpeed video engine support.

.... more ....


已剛剛正式推出,現就 DL U 字頭版本,晚D VM,不過與此同時,LINUX MINT 不停步試一D 跑 ANDROID 套件,因為已預計 19.04 未必夾部 NETBOOK