Help Need! Fanless Computer for Audio

Dear all,

I am a computer as source ("CAS") enthusiastic and would liketo seek your advice to configure a small computer unit as transport for myDAC.  My principal requirements are as follows:-

  • Must have 1394 port. This is essentially     the main input for the DAC.
    I am     currently using Weiss DAC2 as my DAC.

  • Must be completely fanless.       Accordingly, I believe low power CPU like Atom is sufficient.

  • Average display card is sufficient.  As     the unit is intended to be a simple fanless audio transport, I will not     use to play high definition movies.  I certainly do not need a     high powered display card which normally generates a lot of heat within     the case.  Hopefully, a small on-board display chip will be more     than sufficient for me to connect to my LCD TV.  Preferably with     HDMI or DVI output so as to make the connection easier.

  • Must be able to take a solid state harddisk. This should be easy.  My only consideration is whether to:
opt for a small internal SSD(e.g. 32G for thesystem) together with an external conventional harddisk (e.g. 500G for my music files); or
go for a big internal SSD (e.g.250G).

  • Must be low profile.  Mini ITX board     will be ideal but it appears that there is no mini-itx board which     features a 1394 port.  Really looking for a small case (maximum     3.5" in height and 8" in length).   As the unit will be     placed in the living room, I am willing to pay up to HK$2,000 for the case     alone.

Thanks very much for your advice in advance.

真是要全Fan Less 要行 ITX (一般PSU 火文都有FAN...)

(不過,那D DC-DC 模組,其實D電質量幾一般下...)

Atom 不加FAN 就好像 Sub-Note,應該問題不太大,不過一定要用大大個 Heat sink 囉。

再之前韓國思文出了了全靜音Case 都要過萬....

買部 Notebook 做CAS 好了,反正只得1把Fan,如 X300 這種級數的,真的很靜 XD


ATX size都有Fanless PSU既(FSP, Silverstone)




Silverstone有全FANLESS機箱, 連火牛都冇風扇, 5K


  • Must have 1394 port.
  • Must be completely fanless.  
  • Average display card is sufficient.  
  • Must be able to take a solid state harddisk.
  • Must be low profile.  Mini ITX board
有O的仲可以用SOCKET775 CPU
比較新O固O的全部都有SATA, 可以用SSD

有錢就用SSD, 不過RIP FILE好大, 250GB好快用哂
咁細個機箱仲要放多幾個HDD, 呢個問題要考慮一下

問題係火牛, 好少火牛冇風扇, 除非好似NOTEBOOK咁



Atom MiniITX=BAD PCB Material
ATOM ITX w/1394?, .....