keyboard 問問


1/. 我想問可唔可以用其他software去gen d 聲? 因為佢default個個d聲好一般.

2/. 其實keyboard好唔好聲係咪sound card同software去影響?

3/. 小弟用緊1212m, 佢入面有沒有software可以support usb keyboard?


1) 一般DAW(e.g sonar)都會包softsynth可以用keyboard出聲
2)好唔好聲主要睇softsynth preset質量
3)1212m好似有包sonar,可以用到usb keyboard


1. Yes, you may use other software synthesizers, samplers, sound modules, etc. to generate sounds with your MIDI controller keyboard. Some common softwares are, VSTi plugins, Propellerhead Reason, Native Instruments FM8, etc. These are all beyond the Roland GM and Yamaha XG standard sound patches.

2. As you are using a MIDI controller keyboard, there is no sound engine integrated. Therefore, software or hardware devices are required in order to generate sounds. The quality of generated sounds are determined by the design and structure of the devices. And also the quality of sample files from a sampler. However, most users will use sound interfaces with ASIO drivers support to minimize the latencies of input and output. ASIO drivers is very important and useful in the DAW industry.

3. E-MU 1212M sound interface bundled with several software sequencers, synthesizers, sound processors, etc. You may use your MIDI controller keyboard with these softwares or any other additional softwares you would like.


thanks your information~~

Let me try to play with those software, those complicated panel interfaces and my limited understanding make me feel so difficult


You are welcome

You will get familar to those softwares when you spend some time with it.

I'm a rookie to music production. The softwares I commonly use are Propellherhead Reason and Cubase.

Should you have any question, post it here and I'll try to answer