Asus Xonar D2 vs Auzen X-Fi Forte

Asus Xonar D2 vs Auzen X-Fi Forte
哩兩張邊張既聲好D呀? (打機,睇戲..overall)

我用黎駁Logitech Z-5500的. 用Coaxial, optical or analog 黎駁有無差別的?
上左搵左好耐, D人話打機forte好過X2...同埋用analog駁z-5500係好 it true?

Thanks for your answer

駁喇叭用Coaxial, optical 浪費左張 SOUND CARD


Z5500 用 analog 駁算


咁哩兩張sound卡, 邊張你地會prefer 多D呢? (如果係你用的話)


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If look for sound quality, better get a good 2.1 speakers for the price of z5500 unless 5.1 is necessary for you.

Sound quality from Auzentech is better to my ears, more natural and comfortable, but most X-Fi (Creative) based cards carry little issues here and there like drivers/static noise, need to suit MB and

Asus card has relatively lesser problem in terms of static noise, drivers/software and OS compatibility, but the sound quality is not as good as me.

I'm using Essence ST and Prelude 7.1 on my two PC's respectively.

Hope this help.


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If look for sound quality, better get a good 2.1 speakers for the price of z550 ...
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Because from I read on the internet, Forte is special that it has amp for headphones, but I  barely use headphone. I bought it because I needed a PCI-E card sound card, but not anymore.
I already owe the Z-5500. I bought it for so cheap (around $200 US). At this price,  I couldn't resist.


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Headphone amp is not the specialty of Forte. Asus Essence STX is also a PCI-E card and has headphone amp. You may consider STX in par with Forte. STX and ST series is newer and higher grade than D2, just coaxial and analogue out from ST/STX is 2.1 only.

Normally, unless you have a good amp and decoder for optical connection, otherwise coaxial or analogue connection is commonly good enough and better than optical connection. Thats why people would generally say, don't use optical if possible and apply all cases. But bare in mind, this is not an absolute rule as it amongall depends on the quality of rig you have. For low-end equipment, the differences is small, and optical connection would simplify the cables.  

To use with z5500, both the D2 & Forte cards offer straight forward 5.1/7.1 analogue connection which is better than STX from this sense I admit. Next, I think you can choose among them from the following angle;
Auzentech is more or less an upgraded Creative X-fi card. I think Forte will give you better sound quality than D2/STX, but again, like many X-fi based card, Forte can carry many small static noise and driver/programme issues on some MB, it shows on both the forum of Auzentech and Creative, so beware of it. In turn, Asus is more average and stable to use.

My case, I used to have 2 Prelude for 2 PC with different MB, to a 5.1 system. Software wise, one of them does not work smoothly and cannot be resolved.
My digital decoder+speakers only has coaxial (2.1) & a few optical input, but no 5.1 analogue input is available, I have to use optical connection only. So Asus ST was my choice as it is newer and higher grade than D2, and also because the 5.1 analogue out offered by D2 is useless to me anyway. Fortunately, my 5.1 system is not too bad on decoding.

Hope you see the rationale here~


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Very appreciate your input!