Himedia HD300a User! Looking for 5.1 speaker! (Update: 入了Pioneer HTP-500)

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I use to think no need good speaker la... since all the MKV file is downlaoded off the net...

However.. i see  so many MKV file now come with 5.1 dts...

I know it is not TRUE HD sound... but some time playing it with RGB cable is werid.. Voice sound is very low...

so i am looking to invest in some 5.1 speaker...

I am not going  to add a AMP in the near future...
(so i do not plan to go the Hifi fans way... will go toward the PC user style..)

Is there any good choice or suggestion??

(Currently i have a pair of Altec Lansing MX5021-THX 2.1 for my PC which i think is overkill.. may be i will just use that with my himedia... for the time being..)

回復 1# scoobychau

Logitech Z5500  THX real 5.1 speaker good for game & Movie


s this

回復 2# king778899

This one have optical input?
or that coxial digital 5.1 input?

i am not planning to get a amp.

also hwo much is this one? i can not find it in price.com.hk


回復 3# scoobychau

Both input can be used.

you can find in SSP or MongKok computer center
HKD 2400 around


回復 4# king778899

    I can not find $2400....

放lunch時行了電腦廣場一小時,每間shop都說,只有logitec Z5500 有光纖和同軸,沒有其他選擇,hk$2600...

I check online.. seem like this speaker is soooo old... 2007 model?

right now.. thinking

Pioneer htp-500 vs logitec Z5500
HD audio support vs No HD
New vs Old
$3500 vs $2600


回復 5# scoobychau

Of course HTP-500 new model is good. HDMI x3  input . good for future upgrate.

If you looking at the budget. Z5500 is good enough for PC.  

* Z5500 is not suitable for music. but great in game & movie.


I plan to hook it up with my 46" panasonic tv... along with Himedia 300a..

not going to connect it to PC wor...
in that case.. wat do u suggest?


回復 7# scoobychau

Pioneer htp-500  or Sony HT-SS360  for home


回復 8# king778899

    I brought the HTp-500 for 3380 ( fortress sell for 3480)
originaly i want to buy a optical cable for audio.
the sell said optical is bad.. and got me into buying a hdmi cable.
i end up paying $500 for a hdmi cable..

( i feel stupid now... i have a few $30-80 cable sitting at home... and now.. the MKV player need to hook up to the Speaker... then the speaker to TV... so ma fan)

i wonder if i can use the player with TV with out turning on the speaker now..

will find out after installation...


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我用Tunner 可以開盡 7x MAX volume

我其他機,是不可能把Vol 開到 MAX....

你有這問題嗎?還是我的 player 有問題…  

不過Tunner 也是這樣呢,應該不是plaer問題...