Miromega MyDac + Focal XS Book wireless

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Hi CHing,

I'm a newbie here and would like to have your help on entry level DAC question, thank you!!

I have a pair of Focal XS Book wireless connecting to computer (on board sound, Realtek ALC892), mainly listening to CD ripped WAV files via foobar2000 and sometimes playing games.

Recently i'm planning to purchase a DAC to upgrade the PC sound quality because i find out bluetooth pairing iPhone playback on the XS Book is better than my PC output. After some research on the internet, i'm aiming at Micromega MyDac, but i've the following questions which i need to know before purchase.

a.) Where can i trial this DAC, i can't find it at MK 星際城市, and what is the recent price?
b.) If i can trial this DAC, to what speaker set should i request the shop to connect to? I mean which pair of speaker with similar sound signature like Focal XS Book? So that i can "imagine" what sound output i will get if i buy it.
c.) MyDac & Denon DA-300USB, which do you think is better? And why?

Thanks for the reading & i hope i can get your precious replies, thank you!!

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denon da-300 usb  pcm and dsd sound good


Thank you CHing